SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote in goodservice,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Cafe Yumm

Cafe Yumm is a local chain that caters to vegans/vegetarians. (They have a few chicken options, but nearly all the menu is veggie stuff.) I'm neither of those, but their food is so flipping delicious that who cares? :D There's one within walking distance of where I live and I go there quite frequently.

Today I ordered a medium Yumm Bowl. When it came out I was so hungry I just dug in and didn't even notice, but the server came back about ten seconds after setting the bowl down and said "That was supposed to be a medium, wasn't it?" At which point I realized she'd brought me a small. She immediately apologized, and said she'd bring me another one. I figured she meant another small bowl, so the two together would equal a medium (actually two smalls is probably bigger than a medium) but she brought me a medium bowl! I ended up taking pretty much all of it home with me, so now I have lunch tomorrow covered.

Her noticing the problem even when I didn't, and then doing more than enough to fix it was really awesome. I've always gotten stellar service there, they're quick and friendly and haven't ever screwed up my order before, even though I quite often ask for something left off or something extra added. And obviously when they do make a mistake they're quick to fix it.

So if you're ever around the Eugene area and you want vegetarian or vegan food that's not gross, isn't just a "substitute" for "real" food, and comes with great service, you know where to go. :)
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