a potato, but like, a really pretty potato (sephystabbity) wrote in goodservice,
a potato, but like, a really pretty potato

Thank you, people at the Apple store

So my iphone's jack got loose, which meant only one side of the earphones would play when I was out running or whatnot. I realized the warranty was expired by one month, but I thought I'd take it into the Apple store anyways because they would apparently repair it for $30.

Thank you, amazing Specialist at the Apple store. I know you knew that my warranty was expired, but you still gave me a refurbished iPod (which looks brand new) as a free replacement for the broken iPod, without me even needing to say anything. You didn't have to do it, all you had to was point out my warranty was expired. Instead, you chose to make a short-on-cash girl very very happy =)
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