Gwalchmai (mephron) wrote in goodservice,

I must, must, must complement this place.

11:45 PM Friday, my roommate gets a call from her father that her mother has gone into the hospital emergency room. She's a wreck, my other roommate is helping her, and I start doing research for nearby hotels.

One of the big issue: cats. Two housecats. Which we can't leave in the house.

So I call for a hotel near the hospital that will accept cats. The Internet tells me that La Quinta inns will take small pets.

Not only did the night clerk hold a suite room for us, she charged me the hospital rate for it. Then they had what I really wanted - two rooms with two queen beds, one for the two women I live with, one for me and, if needed, my roommate's father to be able to fall down on - the first one at 10 AM and the second at 1. They were helpful, generous, allowed us to do some things that might not be in the manual but we needed, and were just amazingly good to us.

To the point that I asked for their management's number or contact info so I could call and say that they were so helpful.

so if you ever are in Olympia, Washington, and you need a room, the La Quinta Inn off of I-5 may not be a five-star hotel, but the staff is.
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