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Good service from the vet

On July 7th, my beloved pet rabbit died after his vet appointment. I was very heartbroken. My rabbit Thumper was my life.

I rescued him from the trunk of a guys car in May, and I fell in love with him instantly. But, he was not behaving like himself on the 6th, so I took him to the vet on the 7th. He was very, very thin, only weighing two pounds, so he got formula to help him gain weight, pain medication, and something for his tummy.

Five minutes after I came home from the appoitment, my bunny had a seizure and died, so I called the vet. This is where the good service comes in.

The vet offered to do a necropsy for free, to find out why he died since he was only a year and a few months old. Right of the bat, the vet said there was something underlying going on. She did the necorpsy and found that he had cardiomyopathy from some kind of congenital heart defect. When I first got Thumper, I brought him right to the vet for a check up and he was fine, but if the heart sounds ok, then obviously there isn't going to be any further evaluation.

When I picked Thumper's body up, I noticed that he was wrapped in a blanket, given a cardboard coffin, and he was re-positioned to look like he was just sleeping, instead of being writhed as he initially was.

I believe the office went above and beyond what I expected.
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Thank you, Amazon!

(Cross-posted from my journal)

So I bought myself a new printer as a slightly early Christmas present (from Stella, too, since she contributed to it).

I had also ordered a USB cable from Amazon, which was suggested as a typical “customers who bought this [printer] also bought this [cable]” accompaniment. (Though I ended up buying the printer from a local dealer, they were out of the black ink cartridge, so I bought that and the cable on Amazon.)

It had a little gimmick: it would light up if it’s connected, so you could tell when it has power.

Unfortunately, it ended up being too short: 6 feet (1.8 m) is not enough to reach from my computer around my desk to where my printer sits against the wall.

So I went to return the thing… and Amazon offered to let me keep the item but get a refund anyway! So yay!

Perhaps it’ll come in handy at some point, or someone else might like it. Either way, I’ll get my money back.

That was nice of them!

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Cafe Yumm

Cafe Yumm is a local chain that caters to vegans/vegetarians. (They have a few chicken options, but nearly all the menu is veggie stuff.) I'm neither of those, but their food is so flipping delicious that who cares? :D There's one within walking distance of where I live and I go there quite frequently.

Today I ordered a medium Yumm Bowl. When it came out I was so hungry I just dug in and didn't even notice, but the server came back about ten seconds after setting the bowl down and said "That was supposed to be a medium, wasn't it?" At which point I realized she'd brought me a small. She immediately apologized, and said she'd bring me another one. I figured she meant another small bowl, so the two together would equal a medium (actually two smalls is probably bigger than a medium) but she brought me a medium bowl! I ended up taking pretty much all of it home with me, so now I have lunch tomorrow covered.

Her noticing the problem even when I didn't, and then doing more than enough to fix it was really awesome. I've always gotten stellar service there, they're quick and friendly and haven't ever screwed up my order before, even though I quite often ask for something left off or something extra added. And obviously when they do make a mistake they're quick to fix it.

So if you're ever around the Eugene area and you want vegetarian or vegan food that's not gross, isn't just a "substitute" for "real" food, and comes with great service, you know where to go. :)

Cafe Press

I'm going to hope I'm not calling this too soon but...

I ordered Salute to Sirius Labrador Framed Tile in addition to Salute to Sirius Large Mug from Cafe Press. The tile was for me and the mug is for a co-worker's birthday.

The order shipped quickly, delivered quickly, no issues. Open the box and the tile had come out of the frame during shipping. I wouldn't have been too worried except it had slid around loose during shipping and had scratched up the wood frame.

Put in a request to return it for an exchange with Cafe Press on line. Received a confirmation of my request almost instantly and within an hour received the following e-mail from Customer Support:
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Thank you, people at the Apple store

So my iphone's jack got loose, which meant only one side of the earphones would play when I was out running or whatnot. I realized the warranty was expired by one month, but I thought I'd take it into the Apple store anyways because they would apparently repair it for $30.

Thank you, amazing Specialist at the Apple store. I know you knew that my warranty was expired, but you still gave me a refurbished iPod (which looks brand new) as a free replacement for the broken iPod, without me even needing to say anything. You didn't have to do it, all you had to was point out my warranty was expired. Instead, you chose to make a short-on-cash girl very very happy =)
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So Farmville is a simulated farm. Free items and pay. I bought a few for pay because I got a gift card for Christmas. The Farmville delete function ate a pay-for bandstand when it said in test it was going to destroy a -plot- as in for crops.

With absolutely no proof of what went down (why they didn't understand my proof I dunno) Farmville gave me a one-time replacement of the bandstand.

That was awesome.
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Way to Stay on Top of It

Tonight, my roommate, mother, and I had some bad_service which led to me thinking of an amazing experience I had at Applebee's a couple of years ago.

My mother and I went in on a Saturday while I was trying to get moved into my new apartment, so it was pretty crowded. Naturally, we expected a wait and not the fastest service every because everyone was a little slammed.

We expected wrong.

The first good thing happened when the server brought our meals and just as my salad touched the table, he said "Oh, I'm sorry! I just noticed they put bacon on it even though said no bacon. I'll go get that fixed." He did and he came back right away with a new bacon-free salad! That alone would have been enough put him in my good graces, since I didn't have to figure out whether to eat around the bacon or cause extra problems and send it back.

It didn't end there, though. When we got our check, he said, "Your food took longer than it should have, so I took ten percent off your check." Again, it was a Saturday so it obviously was a bit slower than it would have been on a less busy day, but nothing out of the ordinary.

When it was all said and done, I tipped based on the original total and added a little extra for good measure. It was one of those experiences where you think "You know, he's really on top of things and professional and I hope that he has nothing but pleasant experiences in this job so he stays that great!"

Great Service from Random House

After discovering a book I bought back in February had a binding error, and that the store I bought it from couldn't do anything for me, I contacted the publisher.

They apologized for the error, and offered to send me a replacement, on their dime. Just over a week later, UPS dropped it off.
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Awesome service from EA Games

Because of some weird geographical quirk, the internet sometimes doesn't think I live in North America. (Apparently Newfoundland is in the UK, too!) This meant that I couldn't get the EA online store to load, which was starting to get really frustrating, because the game I'd been wanting forever was finally on sale.

I called up and spoke to a guy named Jordan, who checked to make sure it wasn't on their end, then put the sale through and e-mailed me the installer file, and stayed on the line to make sure it worked. He couldn't fix my actual roadblock, but he was committed to finding a way around it, and was genuinely pleasant the whole time.

You go, Jordan at EA phone support.

*runs off happily to play her new game*
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