Brooke (brookiki) wrote in goodservice,

Way to Stay on Top of It

Tonight, my roommate, mother, and I had some bad_service which led to me thinking of an amazing experience I had at Applebee's a couple of years ago.

My mother and I went in on a Saturday while I was trying to get moved into my new apartment, so it was pretty crowded. Naturally, we expected a wait and not the fastest service every because everyone was a little slammed.

We expected wrong.

The first good thing happened when the server brought our meals and just as my salad touched the table, he said "Oh, I'm sorry! I just noticed they put bacon on it even though said no bacon. I'll go get that fixed." He did and he came back right away with a new bacon-free salad! That alone would have been enough put him in my good graces, since I didn't have to figure out whether to eat around the bacon or cause extra problems and send it back.

It didn't end there, though. When we got our check, he said, "Your food took longer than it should have, so I took ten percent off your check." Again, it was a Saturday so it obviously was a bit slower than it would have been on a less busy day, but nothing out of the ordinary.

When it was all said and done, I tipped based on the original total and added a little extra for good measure. It was one of those experiences where you think "You know, he's really on top of things and professional and I hope that he has nothing but pleasant experiences in this job so he stays that great!"
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