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Hooray for 1st post

I thought I'd share a very nice experience I had.

So, my family stopped at a Denny's resteraunt and we order our food and drinks. Our waiter was a very nice woman with a great smile and laugh. I'll just call her Daisy.

So Daisy gets our food much faster than I thought and she was always in this happy joking mood that made me feel very relaxed. It didn't even sound faked. :) So we get our food and all is well. However, while I was picking up my sandwhich, my elbow sideswipped my cup of coke and it splashed to the floor. Coke was on the table, a bit on the seat and all over the floor. So was ice. Oh my god, I can't tell you how flushed I was at my mistake. Luckily, I didn't get wet. But my face was as red as a dragon's breath.
Daisy happened to be near by, refilling drinks and she quickly said "Oh, honey! Don't worry, I'll get ya fixed." So she cleaned up my table and fixed one another table just for my family. She even carried all of our plates to the table. She mopped up the floor by herself, kindly refilled my drink. When I apologized, she said "Oh, don't worry sweetheart! I was glad to help you." I could have cried and hugged her for being so nice. My dad gave her a massive trip and I even said goodbye to her when I left.

So, Daisy, you rock girl. Next time I go there, I'ma gonna request you.
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