jenny_islander (jenny_islander) wrote in goodservice,

Class Act from a Supermarket Chain

I just started a prescription for something I expect to be taking for a long time. Let's call it Placybo. I dropped off the prescription at the Safeway pharmacy and was told to come back in ten minutes. "Okay," I said, "I'll just do my shopping and then come get the medication."

I'm looking over the bargains in the meat cooler when the pharmacist comes up to me. He tells me that blizzards on the mainland have held up shipment of Placybo, but they are expecting more in a few days. He walked the aisles until he found me to save me the trip back to the pharmacy counter.

To top it off, when I call a few days later to check on the availability of Placybo, he tells me that there is a much cheaper generic version, Sugre. The catch is that for some reason Safeway can't sell it. So he offers to transfer my prescription to the competition's pharmacy. And does so. With a smile. Five minutes after he ends our conversation.

He could have gotten money out of me every month for years, but instead he chose to save me money even if it meant losing my account. Class act!
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