Dylan (jurassicsnark) wrote in goodservice,

Tim Horton's

Sometimes, when I'm out driving (and if I know I won't have to leave the vehicle) I'll take my dog. He enjoys the outings, and if I talk to myself while I'm driving, it looks like I'm talking to him, so people won't think I'm nuts. :D Plus, he's really, really good in vehicles.

I stopped for a coffee at the Tim Horton's drive-thru, and when the lady at the drive-thru window saw my (huge) puppy in the back seat of the truck, she actually pulled out a dog biscuit for him! I was like, holy crap!

It was a minor thing, really, but I've never had anyone do that before, and I thought it was really cool, and very nice of her.

And, I had a really happy puppy on the drive home.

Thank you, drive-thru lady.

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