Dylan (jurassicsnark) wrote in goodservice,

Tim Horton's

Sometimes, when I'm out driving (and if I know I won't have to leave the vehicle) I'll take my dog. He enjoys the outings, and if I talk to myself while I'm driving, it looks like I'm talking to him, so people won't think I'm nuts. :D Plus, he's really, really good in vehicles.

I stopped for a coffee at the Tim Horton's drive-thru, and when the lady at the drive-thru window saw my (huge) puppy in the back seat of the truck, she actually pulled out a dog biscuit for him! I was like, holy crap!

It was a minor thing, really, but I've never had anyone do that before, and I thought it was really cool, and very nice of her.

And, I had a really happy puppy on the drive home.

Thank you, drive-thru lady.

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That's so sweet!
We've had pizzamen throw dog biscuits to our dog on the balcony! It's the sweetest thing ever. There's one guy who, even if the dog is inside when he's there, still gives us a biscuit to give to him!