Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in goodservice,

Lowe's is awesome

First time poster yadayada.

Today marked day one of freezing rain. I went to the garage to pull out our bucket of ice melt and realized we were out *dangit*. So I called Lowe's to see if they had any in stock. Yes they did, lots.
I drive up and by the time I get there my infant is asleep and my toddler is throwing a bloody fit. I know getting them out of the car, dragging them across the icy parking lot, through the store and back in the car is just not possible.
So I called in and asked if it was possible to ring me up over the phone. And they did!!! And the nice guy brought the bags out and put them in my trunk. I was just amazed that they'd go above and beyond for me.
They made my life so much easier today and they will be receiving thank you cards as well as a nice letter to their manager.
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